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      Rupee bounces back in green

      MoM Reporter / Mumbai, Jan 04, 2017 10:26 AM IST

        Rupee bounces back in green

        Despite witnessing massive fall of 41 paise in the past two trading session, the spot rupee kick-started the day with a marginal gain of 6 paise at 68.27, on the back of fresh selling in US dollar.

        The domestic currency touched a high at 68.19, and is now up 11 paise at 68.21 as against the US dollar.

        Meanwhile, January rupee futures are also up 12 paise at 68.36 per dollar.

        The counter has seen trades of around 1,30,604 contracts, while the open interest is slightly down on the NSE.

        Compared to the European currency, the Indian rupee, however, is down 6 paise at 71.

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