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      MCX gainers & losers

      MoM Reporter / Mumbai, Jul 01, 2015 12:14 PM IST

        MCX gainers & losers

        The MCX indices are trading on a mixed note in early noon deals.

        The Energy index has dropped 0.8 percent at 2,683. The Commodity index has declined 0.2 percent at 3,090.

        On the other hand, the Metal index has gained 0.2 percent at 4,224, while the Agri index is trading on a flat note at 2,252.


        Crude Oil and Crude Oil Mini July futures are top losers - down 0.9 percent at Rs 3,742 each.

        Cardamom for near-month delivery has shed 0.7 percent at Rs 837, while Gold Petal July contract is trading marginally in red at Rs 2,654.

        On positive front, Cotton July future is top gainer - up 0.6 percent at Rs 16,270. Zinc and Zinc Mini July contracts have added 0.3 percent at Rs 128 each.

        Mentha Oil, Alumini, Lead, Natural Gas and Silver July series are trading on a flat note.


        Gold August future tops the value chart with a turnover of Rs 446.07 crore. It is followed by Crude Oil July (Rs 413.90 crore), Silver Sept (Rs 280.19 crore), Copper Aug (Rs 223.27 crore) and Zinc July (Rs 219.24 crore).

        Crude Oil Mini July future is the most active contract in terms of volume chart with trades of around 13,627 lots. It is followed by Crude Oil July (10,664 lots), Nickel July (7,232 lots), Copper Aug (5,793 lots) and Nickel Mini July (5,557 lots).

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