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      CPI inflation rises to 2.36% in July 2017

      MoM Team / Mumbai, Aug 14, 2017 06:07 PM IST

        CPI inflation rises to 2.36% in July 2017

        The all-India general CPI inflation rebounded 2.36 percent in July 2017 (new base 2012=100), compared with 1.46 percent in June 2017. The corresponding provisional inflation rate for rural area was 2.41 percent and urban area 2.17 percent in July 2017 as against 1.52 percent and 1.41 percent in June 2017. The core CPI inflation was nearly flat at 3.81 percent in July 2017 compared with 3.75 percent in June 2017. The cumulative CPI inflation was lower at 2.20 percent in April-July FY2018 compared with 5.67 percent in April-July FY2017.

        Among the CPI components, inflation of food and beverages rebounded to 0.43 percent in July 2017 from (-) 1.17 percent in June 2017 mainly contributing to the increase in CPI inflation. Within the food items, the inflation increased for vegetables to (-) 3.57 percent, fruits 2.83 percent, prepared meals, snacks, sweets etc 5.04 percent and non-alcoholic beverages 2.80 percent. However, the inflation dipped for pulses and products (-) 24.75 percent, cereals and products to 3.97 percent, oils and fats 1.55 percent, spices (-) 1.67 percent and milk and products 3.82 percent. The inflation also declined for meat and fish to 3.19 percent, egg (-) 2.04 percent and sugar and confectionery 8.27 percent in July 2017.

        The inflation for housing increased to 4.98 percent, while that for miscellaneous items was flat at 3.28 percent in July 2017. Within the miscellaneous items, the inflation for personal care and effects eased to 2.57 percent, transport and communication 1.76 percent, recreation and amusement 3.43 percent, while it rose for household goods and services to 3.94 percent and health 4.02 percent in July 2017.

        The inflation for clothing and footwear was steady at 4.22 percent in July 2017, while the CPI inflation of fuel and light increased to 4.86 percent in July 2017.

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