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Why and how invest in gold?

Never looked towards gold as an investment, then you have missed a trick till now. Check out the gold price in last 2 years by clicking here and you will find the reason why. Believe it or not but the fact is been that gold has always given descent returns in the longer run and is one of the most secured investment medium. Gold price India reacts to dollar rate, rural gold purchase, monsoon and big bank bulk purchase.

To begin investment in gold for small time/middle class investors itís advisable to buy 24 karat pure gold in small quantity each month or every second month over a period of years, also itís not bad to keep a close eye on gold price in the market and take advantage of the price fluctuations occurring due to demand and supply of the metal which can give good returns.

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Energy Preview: MCX Crude crashes 2% on overwhelming global correction

Some buying can emerge today if prices manage to hold above the key levels of Rs 3K.



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