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Dry Days 2010 | Home

January 26th Tuesday, 2010

January 30th Saturday, 2010

May 1st Saturday, 2010
Dry Day only for the state of Maharashtra as 1st May is been celebrated as the Maharashtra day.

July 21st Wednesday, 2010

August 15th Sunday, 2010

September 22nd Wednesday, 2010

October 2nd Saturday, 2010

October 8th Friday, 2010

November 17th Wednesday, 2010

Two days before election, the election day, the election vote counting day, the day immediately after election vote counting held by the government or by any government local authority can/will be considered as dry days.
In such cases 7 days advance notice is given by the government in any local newspaper having wide circulation in that area.

All state days are observed as dry days in their respective states as 1st May is been considered to a dry day in Maharashtra being celebrated as Maharashtra Day.
Dry Day is consider to be a no liquor day. Wine shops, beer bars, bars & restaurants, pubs serving liquor will either be closed or no liquor will be served by them.

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