God’s so own wonderful creation on earth which we don’t value right from the beginning, which should be respected and honoured.

The wonderful creation of the Almighty is the one who plays a very important role in each one’s life today and everyday, whom we call a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a true friend and many more names. It is a ‘Women’ a single person who plays a multiple roles at a single time with great responsibilities to ensure that you and me are happy today.

In the past, a women had to face many difficulties right from her birth. In olden days it was said that if a girl child is born she will bring a curse to her family, so before she could be brought in the beautiful world, she was aborted or burried on her birth by her own parents.

Today, it makes no difference as she undergoes much more difficulties on one hand, we see the changed generation accept the new woman walk shoulder-to-shoulder with men, and she is well educated or well placed with her career. At the same time, some women are harassed, raped or , murdered by mentally disturbed humans.

A thought to imagine, what if great women – like Mother Teresa, Kalpana Chawla, Queen Victoria, Indira Gandhi were aborted or murdered at their birth, would we have some experience of humanity or some inspiration to succeed in life?

According to ‘The India Today Group’ – MDRA Sex Survey 2013, an astonishing 36% of urban Indian men believe that rapes are to be blamed on revaling clothes worn by women, 33% believe it is caused by a perverted mind.

Why are we so narrow minded today, although when we say that the trend has changed? Does that really count? Well I don’t think so. We need to change ourselves, our thinking mentality to accept that today men and women both have equal rights, infact a women is quite successful when compared to men. So lets step forward to change the thinking and to wake-up those sleeping humans.

Vineet Panchhi (Hindustan Times) has rightly written and sung:

Woh Khidkiyan Jo Bandh Hai, Ab Khol Do,
Jo Dabi Si Baat Dil Mein Hai, Ab Bol Do,
Roshni Har Jagah Phir Se Bikhre..
Phir Subah Hone Do.

Hai Har Taraf Khula Aasma, Par Khol Do,
Dil Ke Suno, Dil Se Kaho, Chup Na Raho,
Muskurahat Chehron Pe Nikhre…
Phir Subah Hone Do.

Mann Hi Mann Soch Kar Ye Khush Ho,
Khud Ko Ab Tum Pehchanti Ho,
Jis Taraf Chal Pado, Raasta Ho,
Phir Subah Hone Do.

Hey Women, We love the girl in you.