It seems the love-hate relationship between the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader – Arvind Kejriwal and the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) Prime Minister candidate Narendra Modi seems to be bloosoming with every new day. Just on the heels of the recent drama, wherein AAP leaders were detained by the Gujarat police while entering Gujarat, which followed by clashes between the AAP and BJP workers in New Delhi – here comes a fresh salvo from Mr Kejriwal to Mr Modi. Apparently, Arvind Kejriwal is on his way to meet Narendra Modi with 16 questions with regards to claims of development in Gujarat.

However, latest news report indicate that police has once again stopped Kejriwal from meeting Modi following which Kejriwal has now changed his route and is headed towards Jaipur.

For many years, it was the battle between the biggies – the Congress and BJP during the election season. However, this time around it seems like the David and Goliath battle. Just like in history will David (AAP) defeat the giant Goliath (BJP) – only time will tell. The other way to look at it, is Congress getting plenty of breathing time to plan its move.

However, coming back to the AAP and BJP clashes, it seems like AAP is benefitting from all the recent fiascos. The AAP online site, which gives details of the donations received saw whopping four-fold jump in donations received to Rs 24.05 lakh received on Wednesday – the day of the clash in Delhi when compared to Tuesday’s donation of Rs 6.67 lakh. Again today so far as of 1520 hrs, the party has received donations to the tune of Rs 7.96 lakh from 379 donors. Strating December 2013, the party has collected a staggering Rs 11.12 crore in donations from 54,680 donors spread across 97 countries.

To end the story – lets have a look at the 16 questions prepared by AAP for Modi -

1) Where is the development in Gujarat?

2) Recently 800 farmers commited suicide in Gujarat. Why?

2) Why are Babu Bukharia and Purushottam Solanki with various cases against them still in your government.

4) Why has the Gujarat government filed a case against the Sikh farmers of Kutch?

5) Why has water been diverted from Kutch to business development areas?

6) Why are basic medicines not available in many district level hospitals?

7) How can you claim 11 per cent agriculture growth rate, when FY13 data reveals a 1.18 per cent fall?

8) Why was farmers land given to Ambanis at one rupee?

9) Why in Gujarat is solar power bought at Rs 13 without tender? MP & Karnataka buy the same at Rs Rs 7.5 and Rs 5.5 with proper tenders.

10) Recently, 13 lakh people applied for 1,500 government jobs and you claim that you have solved the unemployment problem?

11) Is your development model anti small & medium scale industry? In Mehsana, of the 187 such units, 140 units have shut down.

12) You claim electricity in every village. Your government is sitting on over 4 lakh applications from farmers for electricty connections.

13) The son-in-law of the Ambani family, a minister in your government handling the energy portfolio. Can you explain this?

14) Will you, if elected the PM, raise the price of gas from KG Basin basin to $16 per unit?

15) Why do people need to pay bribes for getting government jobs, BPL cards, even Industrial licenses?

16) There are only three teachers per 600 students. Why is the state of education in Gujarat so poor?

Click here for see the video on BJP’s response to the AAP questions on Gujarat development.